Best Multi-Day Hikes in Canada – The North Boundary Trail (AB)

This is one of 50 entries where I will highlight what I believe are the top multi-day hiking trails in Canada. These traverses were chosen after careful review and consideration of what Canada’s outdoors has to offer for those backpackers looking to be out in the Canadian wilderness.

The North Boundary Trail is a very remote point-to-point trail in Alberta that begins in Jasper National Park and ends in Mount Robson Provincial Park. It takes you into the deep wilderness of the Canadian Rockies, days away from the nearest road.

The length is between 158km to 184km, depending on the route taken and has approximately 6000 meters of total elevation. Due to the numerous water crossings throughout the hike, it is not recommended to hike this trail until mid-August.

The hike starts at the Celestine Lake or Rock Lake Trailhead, and finishes in Mount Robson Provincial Park at the Berg Lake Trailhead. The Celestine Lake Trailhead can be a challenging drive to get to and includes a one-way timed road.

A backcountry camping permit is required for this thru-hike, and can be obtained online at or at the Jasper information centre. There are several designated campsites to choose from along the trail. If camping within Mount Robson, you may need to make a reservation with BC Parks.

Official websites for Jasper National Park and Mount Robson Provincial Park: